Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The End of Literacy and The Triumph of Spectacle

A fascinating book review by Gary Corseri of Chris Hedges' Empire of Illusion currently appears at Dissident Voice:

"Ours [America's] is a culture of manipulation, one of 'inverted totalitarianism.' Hedges borrows the phrase from Sheldon S. Wolin’s Democracy Incorporated. 'Inverted totalitarianism,' Hedges writes, 'unlike classical totalitarianism, does not revolve around a demagogue or charismatic leader. It finds expression in the anonymity of the Corporate State. It purports to cherish democracy, patriotism, and the Constitution while manipulating internal levers. … Political candidates are elected in popular votes by citizens, but candidates must raise staggering funds to compete. They are beholden to armies of corporate lobbyists … who author the legislation. … Corporate media control nearly everything we read, or hear. It imposes a bland uniformity of opinion. It diverts us with trivia and celebrity gossip. …In classical totalitarian regimes … economics was subordinate to politics.' In America, economics is dominant."

-- Gary Corseri (read the whole article at the link above)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Savannah Reads in Cambridge, MA and Providence, RI

The American Soma book tour continues in New England, with stops in Cambridge and Providence!

Savannah is thrilled to be part of the August installment of the Dire Reading Series!
On Friday, August 7th @ 8 p.m., she'll be reading along with Barry Graham, Elizabeth Szewczyk, and series founder Timothy Gager.
Where? Out of the Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA

On Saturday, August 8th @ 7 p.m., she'll be reading at the very cool Ada Books in Providence, Rhode Island. Come join us!
Where? Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence RI, 02903