Monday, December 30, 2013

New painting, getting ready for Radium Girls exhibition, and Kombucha goodness...

I've got a new Women in Water painting in the works....I stretched and gessoed the canvas myself and decoupaged tissue paper (and my last remaining piece of tissue-paper thin dress pattern), so I can get the desired surface to paint on.

Five of the seven Radium Girls masks....the exhibition is coming up quickly! We install on
Monday, 1/13/14!
I got a Kombucha Start Kit from Cultures for Health. I am so excited to be making
my own Kombucha, but it will take awhile....

The SCOBY in the sweet tea (with white vinegar to inhibit bad bacteria). This will need to sit
30 days before it is reactivated.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beautiful Snow and Other Things....

So, it's a beautiful day here in the Northern panhandle of West Virginia, that is, if you like snow. Here are some pictures of our backyard and the farm property. Under that, is a picture of a new Woman in Water: Corrine and the Far Away, which I hope to finish soon. Right now, I'm copyediting a book about Russia's Golden Age of Literature, so art production has been a bit slow here. I'll be getting back into the full swing of things next week!
A pic of the beautiful snow. Yes, yes. There is a toilet in our back yard. I know. What can I say?
Do we sit on it during the summer when we're outside? Sometimes, yes. Yes we do.

Another picture of the beautiful snow. I missed the turkeys. They were
picking through the field on the hill about 15 minutes before I got the camera.

New Woman in Water drawing: "Corrine and The Far Away" in progress!

Fred in the new coat Grandma got him for Christmas. Jasper has one, too,
but everyone was more interested in eating dinner than modeling fashions.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Pics from the Studio!

Here are some pictures of the Radium Girls masks in relation to the
fabric that will be part of the January installation at Future Tennant Gallery.

Another shot of the Radium Girls masks.... two in the back are unfinished.

Here, I'm working on a linocut for the Pittsburgh Print Group online gallery.

"Rocket Girl", a framed, mixed media work, is on its way to a
collector in Mission, Kansas.

"Women in Water: Freckled Mrs. Goldsmith" is also on its
way to a collector in Mission, Kansas! Hooray!!