Monday, April 9, 2012

Back from Easter!

Mom, me, and Michael, Easter Sunday, 2012

We--literally, within the last hour--just returned from a little "Easter vacation" at my parents' home, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In the photos here, we were just on our way to Easter brunch. I look like I'm wearing a white blazer, but honest, I'm wearing a sweater over my billowy dress. Nothing so cheesy as a white blazer, boys and girls. No white patent leather shoes either. White patent leather anything is for the retired golfing set, who have matching white patent leather belts, pearl-colored cadillacs, and florid faces from drinking too much gin.

Tomorrow, I begin a new illustration project, and finish up the last four weeks of teaching before I hang up my chalk for awhile.

Mom and Dad, Easter Sunday, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A new project, a new work....and music

It's been days since I've posted, so I wanted to put a little something up until I can get back to my regularly scheduled program....I'm working on an exciting new project, which I'll explain soon. But here's the newest addition to my shop, "He was a Brunette":
"He was a Brunette" (2012) ballpoint pen on paper
One thing that Michael noticed about my art is that I give all my people green eyes (obviously, the lad above does not have green eyes, but when I initially considered watercoloring his features and the wallpaper, I thought a green-yellow would work well for his eyes). If you check out my shop, you'll see that almost all my figures (whether human, cadaver, animal, or insect) have green eyes, except for one. I then realized that in most of the stories I've written, if I reference the eyes, the character has green eyes (for example, witness "The Fascinator" and "One Thousand Incarnations...."). Even my in my werewolf story, "The Corpus Lupi Experiment", my main character develops eyes that look like "his mother's old bi-color tourmaline ring", and for this I had in mind the pink to green color that bi-color tourmalines have. Why is this, I wonder? I don't have a conscious affinity for green eyes. I like brown eyes and blue eyes just as much as green, so what is it about green that makes it my creative choice each time? It could be that they're rare and unusual, something I aspire for my characters to be...rare and unusual, perhaps half a bubble (or more) off.

More, more, more to come the meantime, for your listening pleasure, "Black" by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi: