Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keeping Track of Self-Sufficient Homesteaders?

In the April issue of Mother Earth News, a brief article brought the National Animal Identity System (NAIS) to my attention. The measure, which has since passed several state legislatures, calls for mandatory microchipping of all small and large livestock, down to hobby farm chickens. However, factory farm flocks and herds are exempt from the measure, despite the fact that the measure is--ostensibly--intended to help control food-borne illness.

Those small, self-sufficient farmers who do not chip or tag their animals for tracking will be on the wrong side of the law, making the measure unfairly punitive to those who wish not to be part of the industrial food system. Ultimately, the measure will, in effect, allow the government to track those small farmers and homesteaders, who prefer to be self-sufficient.

More information on the Anti-NAIS movement can be found here:

Big Brother Wants to Live at Your Farm:

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