Thursday, April 15, 2010

Right now, I'm enjoying Roxane Gay's writing. I have a total lit crush.

Check out this excerpt from Roxane's "There are Things You Need to Know" in the March edition of The Foundling Review:

"I no longer talk to my best friend because of you, because you flirted and then went further and the next time I saw her I knew. I could see the damage you do all over her face but she is not like me. You didn’t look good on her. You went there when you knew you shouldn’t, because you knew you could. Sometimes you ask after her and when you do, you smile. You don’t want me to forget who you are. You are the real problem but I love you more."

And Roxane's amazing story "Gravity at the End of the World" in Knee Jerk Magazine:

"On the day Craig was released, I stood outside the work camp gates with a couple other wives and girlfriends also waiting for their convicts. My hair was done up, and I wore tight jeans and high heels. I jumped around nervously waiting, worrying. After the gates opened, Craig came running out, his hair long and messy in his face. When he reached me, he stilled and stared at me and smiled and my heart beat so fast it made me dizzy. He held my face between his hands and kissed me so long and hard with his perfect lips, I could feel it in the pulp of my teeth. When he pulled away, he said, “Goddamn, I missed you babe.” Then he turned around and gave the work camp the finger. As we drove home, he held me against him so tight, I ached in the best way. I forgot all the things I was going to say to him about making better choices and resisting his brother’s pull."

Wow. Amazing stuff. I'm in awe.

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