Friday, September 17, 2010

Upcoming Good Stuff

So this morning, my "day off", I really should be working on my Library Journal E-Reference Ratings, specifically the Biography resources, and yes, yes, I'll be getting to that in an hour or so, but first, a little writing/publicity work here, since I've been lax in updating and have been giving only those spit-and-a-promise posts, like the one about the music I've been listening to (in za post below, nanotchka). Yes, Savannah darling, everyone absolutely wants to know you finally took that Best of Skynyrd CD out of your player. Hurrah! Good for you, little girl.

However, I do want to plug a few things:
At the Beehive (1327 E. Carson Street, Pittsburgh) on Friday, September 24th between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., The New Yinzer will be having a Special Edition Small Press Fest reading, featuring Burning River Press founder Chris Bowen and Sunny Outside authors Micah Ling and Noel Sloboda. You can learn more about the readers by clicking on this sentence!

Also, New Yinzer Fiction , a weekly online installment of fiction and poetry, continues to develop. Read Adam Kavulic's excellent story "Rain".

Working dilligently on a story, revising and revising what had been a horror story and remains so, but is rooted more in reality than fantasy....I originally wrote it to be part of an anthology of Appalachian folktales and superstitions...believe me, there are plenty in this hilly corner of the world. Here's part of the narrative, which deals with a "Jetadore di Bambini" (hence the picture above):

"When he finally stood at the screen door, he surprised Buella with his pallor. His cheeks had a grayish concavity. He’d pushed his hat back so that the wide, pale plane of his forehead was on display. His hair, which she could see beneath his hat, was jet colored and slicked back with something that gave it an oily shine. His beard and mustache were trimmed with the same care gardeners paid the ornamental boxwoods Buella had seen around fine houses in town. And it was as black as bitumen, making his pastiness appear all the more startling. He smiled at Buella, and she unconsciously took a step back from the screen door. Her eyes went to the latch and saw the hook was in the eye. The man followed her gaze. "

And now, back to just that project before 'paying work' begins in earnest. Also, I'm baking bread, and I have to go check on that. First rise, baby.

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