Thursday, December 23, 2010

Writing at Speak Without Interruption

I've begun writing for Speak Without Interruption, a blog site dedicated to free speech in a society that is growing increasingly intolerant of freely expressed political and religious ideas. While I haven't posted about politics or religion, I did post about the artist John Baldessari. This first post appeared today.

Read the whole post by clicking here.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt:
"The man has nose enough for both himself and the woman he is moving towards. In fact, this feature alone becomes an entity itself, snuffling towards the woman’s smiling features as if it were a hog seeking truffles. Meanwhile, on the right hand side, the gun– generally a menacing object, even in the symbolic sense when it has no power to wound–has no impact here. It even recedes into the background, playing second-fiddle to the yellow, eminently honk-able nose of the man holding it. A line travels from the giant nose on the left through the woman’s smile and into the arm holding the gun on the right hand side. So, we wonder, is Baldessari equating that giant nose on the left with the weapon on the right? And by that rationale, just how devastating would a sneeze from that nose be? In each of these images there is a reserved chuckle to be enjoyed, a whispered you must be joking."