Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Unnatural History of Brown's Island" at Fiction365

The Service Bridge to Brown's Island
On Saturday, July 30th, "The Unnatural History of Brown's Island" was the featured story at I am grateful for the exposure. Thanks very much to Benjamin, Fiction365's editor, for accepting it. While the story is fiction, it is based largely on fact, as well as local folklore. My husband's uncle actually died in the Brown's Island explosion of 1972.
Right now I'm in the thick of job hunting, looking for something that will provide a more steady stream of income than freelancing and adjuncting, which can vary from project to project, semester to semester. With our many farm-related aspirations and the small (but not serious, thankfully) emergencies we've had over the past two months, a steady source of income will be welcome and provide me with a more dependable schedule. Actually, as I write this at 1 p.m. EST, our shepherd-collie is having a $1K tooth extraction. Yes, I meant to write 'one thousand dollars'. I choked on that number myself when we went for the consultation on Saturday, but it is genuinely needed, and so he is getting fixed up. Michael started talking about getting insurance for the boyz now. He said it's actually available through Thermo, where he works. When I first heard about pet insurance, I thought it was a little silly. Now, if you'd ask me, I would say 'sign me up please.'

Right now, I'm working on proofreading a collection of 16 stories, which I plan to release as Kindle Edition under the Literary Outlaw imprint. Stay tuned for the details.....

If you wonder what else is going on in our world, check out our homestead blog, the link to which is below. We've been canning beans most of the weekend. We're ants instead of grasshoppers, right? Right. This evening, we'll be making watermelon jelly. For pictures of our gardening and culinary activity, just visit

More to come shortly....

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