Monday, April 9, 2012

Back from Easter!

Mom, me, and Michael, Easter Sunday, 2012

We--literally, within the last hour--just returned from a little "Easter vacation" at my parents' home, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In the photos here, we were just on our way to Easter brunch. I look like I'm wearing a white blazer, but honest, I'm wearing a sweater over my billowy dress. Nothing so cheesy as a white blazer, boys and girls. No white patent leather shoes either. White patent leather anything is for the retired golfing set, who have matching white patent leather belts, pearl-colored cadillacs, and florid faces from drinking too much gin.

Tomorrow, I begin a new illustration project, and finish up the last four weeks of teaching before I hang up my chalk for awhile.

Mom and Dad, Easter Sunday, 2012

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