Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A shorty for now...

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Just a quickie for right now....I've been so busy with the prospect of a festival coming up. Each day, I head into the studio and work for about 5 hours, trying to produce at least two sets of earrings. It's been a productive week, with (happily) several sales! Here is a quick view of two new earring sets (i.e. wearable art). You can check out my shop ( to see the entire range of what's available now. I actually list things nearly every day. I'll be back here soon to expatiate (now there's a word I memorized for the GRE that I never get to use in everday conversation!) on some other Etsy artisans whose work has gotten my attention.

"White Morning Glories on Pink"
(check them out at

"Red Poppies on Yellow"
(check them out at

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