Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My work for sale at ROCO benefit, a new diptych painting, and roses!

I mentioned in a previous post that two of my mixed media works are currently at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center...and here they are, on the wall! "Astronomy Professor" is #485 while "Magical Jasper" is #486.  The red dots below denote sold works (each are just $20), and all proceeds benefit the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

Things, too, are happening in the studio. A new work from the Origin of the Milky Way series, titled "Orion's Arm" appears below. It is for sale in my art shop here. (Sorry, folks....you'll have to scroll past the rose picture, since the Blogger picture insert interface is making things tough...*tsk, tsk, tsk*)

A close up of the roses on the trellis outside our house....
there are more rose bush pictures below. The pic insert
command is giving me a hard time....grrrr....

Origin of the Milky Way Series - "Orion's Arm" - Diptych Painting
with Gold Leaf each small canvas is 4" x 2"; as shown, the work is
approximately 8-1/2" high (with the space between)
Check it out here!


A view of the whole rose trellis (there was a close up
Our other rose bushes...we got these beauties at Ollie's Outlet a few years ago
for like $3.99 each. What a gorgeous return on a tiny investment!

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