Friday, October 4, 2013

New Radium Girls Drawing and homemade pizza for dinner....

Another drawing for the "Radium Girls" exhibition installation that will appear
at Future Tenant Gallery in Pittsburgh in January 2014
 So I'm continuing to work on pieces for the Radium Girls exhibition that will appear at Future Tenant next  January. I actually finished this image on Monday, while waiting for the gas man to check for leaks in Pittsburgh. I'm working on other images now, which I'll share very soon.

Yesterday, our 'boyz', Jasper and Fred, went to Oak Ridge Boarding Kennels for a 'spa treatment'. Well, let's face it, Jasper,  a shepherd collie mix, is a veritable hair bag, and we have him shaved so I don't go insane chasing dog-hair-tumble-weeds through the house with the vacuum every day. Angelo and Jody, who run Oak Ridge, have a chicken coop and a wonderful garden, where Angelo grows fig trees. He shared some figs with us, and I made a 'dessert pizza' with them (pic below!)
Pizza for dinner! At left:  Pesto eggplant and the queso blanco we made on
Monday night and at right: queso blanco with figs and honey. YUM!

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