Sunday, March 23, 2014

Work images and framing works for the Vacancy fundraiser at Future Tenant!

Front and center is Women in Water: Miss Quentin Compson; "Sister Moon"
is to the right, and pages for my Blair Mountain comic are all around.

Remember "The Dream Chair"? I painted it back in 2012, and I was working on a
hand embroidered upholstery, forever. I'm still working on that embroidery.
However, I started thinking about putting it in the Women in Water exhibition, and while
the fabric here is not what I'll be using, there is something equally cool that is being
printed at Spoonflower right now. Details to come once I start the upholstery process.


Working on framing two works.....

"Oracle" and "Sister Moon" are all framed and ready to go to the
Vacancy Fundraiser for Future Tenant Gallery!

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