Saturday, May 16, 2009

Enter Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen stopped by our house for coffee this evening, just days before we depart for Chicago's Pilcrow Lit Fest. He told us that psychotropic drugs have made their way into coffee, pizza, and beer, and told us what we should avoid on our trip. "The government," Steve said, "is surreptitiously drugging us. We're not safe."

Gratefully accepting a cup of coffee we assured him was free of psychtropics, Steve told us about a hair-raising government plot to medicate the entire nation. And then suddenly, a SWAT team figure appeared. He had apparently attached his grappling hook to our roof.

Steve said: "Damn it! I knew I was followed here!

Indeed, Steve had been followed. When the SWAT figure realized he had been seen, he quickly disappeared.

We searched for him outside, but he was gone. Vanished!

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