Monday, July 13, 2009

JMWW's Catherine Harrison review American Soma!

Catherine Harrison of JMWW reviews American Soma in the Summer 2009 issue.
Read the whole review here!

(and check out the other excellent stories in the summer '09 issue, including new work by Madison Smartt Bell, Jessica Anya Blau, and Justin Sirois!)

Two brief excerpts:

"Guz is an innovative, witty, imaginative writer. Her stories are carefully structured—some as flash, some as letters, and some as longer stories—and powerfully executed, full of provocative images and meticulously detailed explanations...."

"On her website Guz lists Huxley and George Orwell as influences and states that American Soma pays homage to the two authors' works and ideas. Indeed it does. The stories are satiric and both frightening and amusing at the same time. In Guz's world, the American dream is just an illusion, and it's been consumed by the delusion of the soma."

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