Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Press Panel Discussion Publicized

Savannah was part of Pittsburgh Small Press Festival.Read Examiner writer Rob Peach's article on Saturday's SPF panel: Small Press, Big Impact SPF Day 1

An excerpt:
"The louder we can be, the more powerful we can become," said Guz of the zine community and its place in the modern world.
Guz, speaking from experience, has worked extensively with The New Yinzer staff in conducting its reading series and knows the difficulties of promoting literacy--that is, knowledge of and an appreciation for more underground writers and avant-garde writing--in what she calls a "visual age" or a mainstream culture wherein no one is "using their minds for literary purposes."

Stay tuned for video clips of the Small Press, Big Impact panel discussion and a brief video interview, which should appear here later this week.

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