Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Quick Posting Between Review Compositions

Oh, baby, I got news. News, news, news. First, "The Fascinator" has been accepted by Necessary Fiction, which makes me one happy girl (see, the young lass above? That's me waving my hat). The story should appear sometime in November. Makes me feel like part of the lit world again, getting work out there. I know, silly girl. You are part of the lit world. But still, when there's a lag and a silence, it slows my production a little. You know: you falter, you question yourself. Does anyone care to read my nonsense? Naturally you have to make a reader care (I preach this in my classes all the time), but if you can't encourage the appropriate amount of interest, what then? What then, indeed.

It's inevitable, thinking that way. Michael told me this is, in part, what The Shining deals with--about a writer losing his mind because of the impediments and rejections he faces. (Note: I haven't seen it, so I don't know the details. Pet Cemetary was quite enough for me, thank you very much.)

More news: I'll be reading at The Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh this Sunday (2 p.m., kids), old and new works--we might go all the way back to some goodies from The Famous & The Anonymous....more on these details in the next post. See, I'm stealing time away from writing my reference book review column, which is due on Thursday. And I've still got papers to grade for this afternoon's class. And showered or dressed yet? Are you kidding? I know it's 9:30, but duty does not call until 1 p.m. So, soon, soon.

Oooo....Look, Ma, I'm in the Post-Gazette. Yay!!

Okay...back to it here....


  1. I know exactly what you mean with the lag and questioning your abilities. Congrats on the pub!

  2. Thanks, TC!! I was just reading paragraphs from your novel--the ones under the I Like Work posting. I like this alot...will you post more, I'm hoping?