Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sure, this would be okay....if it had sound

So, I found that I can make YouTube videos with the newish computer. Therefore, I experiment. Yes, this would be some kind of cool if I could actually create videos as a method of story distribution, but sound is somewhat important to this equation. And sound, I have not--at least in the three videos I tried to make this afternoon. Now, it may be that I have cracker crumbs in the microphone. Who knows? I know I have all my volume controls correct. Yet, she speaketh not, only mouths the words like Milli-Vanilli. Sad? You bet. Tech support? Clearly needed here.

And something else I realized while watching this? Girl, you got to tone down the Tammy Faye. I mean, exactly how many applications of blue eyeshadow did you make this morning? And blue? No, I mean, blue? What's wrong with a healthy earth tone? Let's back it down to brown, girl. How about a nice conservative sienna? Nobody needs neon on their eyelids. What? Well, that's what it looks like, girl. Neee-oon, honey. Light-Your-Way-to-the-Toilet bright. No, child, not sassy. And definitely not classy. And don't even get me started on the hair, Little Miss Blow-Dry-And-Push-It-Back-With-A-Headband. Girl, you need a haircut...baaad. Mmmm-hmmmm.

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