Friday, May 27, 2011

Book-rific Scrumptiousness

I've talked about this collection before. But it's beautiful enough to mention again, this time with a proper picture.

Where are we here? In the bedroom. Who needs a nightstand for books, when you can sneak in a whole shelf?

We got this particular collection at auction, after fighting a fairly heated bidding war with a fairly hard-bitten antiques dealer. I knew she wouldn't treasure them like I would (and likely only saw them in terms of their resale value), so I kept at it. From my seat, I saw the Zola, the Dostoevsky, the Pepys and Harte.

After a quick volley of bids, she finally conceded, and I carried the many boxes home.

This is just one collection. There are a few others in the living room--one is a fantastic little collection of blue-bound Harvard Classics--but I'll provide a glimpse of them another day.......


  1. That's a brilliant bookcase!!!

  2. Hey thank you!! We got that at auction, too...although not on the same night. :-D

  3. My bookcase looks like a disorganized desk, books leaning everywhere, papers sticking out and even on top of each other. Every time I see an empty one at the store or otherwise I start wanting to fill it. So many books, so little time. But every time I move, I'm reminded of in the literal and metaphorical weight of them!

  4. I have a T-shirt that says that exact thing ("So many books, so little time")! I so hear you--when I moved back from Germany, I had six boxes of books I collected while I was there. I would send it back slowly by Sea Post as I could afford it. At to get the boxes to the post office, I would wheel them on a luggage dolly. Once in a cross walk, my bungee cord burst and two boxes came tumbling off. I could hear the cars revving their engines just before the light changed--no one honked; they just revved ominously. I was sweating shot gun pellets as I trussed everything back up and got out of the way. It was funny--I left in July and I was still getting boxes of books the following was like Christmas all over again every time a box arrived.