Friday, May 20, 2011

My Review of Helene Aylon's show at Forward Magazine's Blog

I'm excited to report that one of my reviews of Helène Aylon's show The Liberation of G-d and The Unmentionable, currently on view at The Warhol Museum, is now live at The Jewish Daily Forward's blog, The Arty Semite. You can read the whole review here. In the meantime, an excerpt:

Helène Aylon, The Digital
Liberation of G-D
, 2004
(Photo Credit)

 "The highlighting also reveals scornful attitudes towards the feminine. For example, Leviticus 15: 19-30 broaches the subject of female menstruation. Within these 11 lines, the word “unclean” appears 15 times. The repetition, when pointed out, is startling and calls to mind an earlier cataloging of unhygienic animals."

Pittsburgh City Paper (CP) will also run my review of the same show. However, this second review approaches the subject from a different angle, in order to offer other insights and ideas than those already presented. This should appear in next week's issue of CP. So, more to come on this next Thursday.

Other writing project are in the works, including a review for Sculpture Magazine. Details on these to come....

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