Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me, milking a cow....

First, wanna see something funny? Here it is....

Yep, that's me milking a fake cow. Details below.
  That's me, milking a fake cow. Believe it or not, there was actually liquid of some sort in that... well, is udder actually the appropriate word when something is made of rubber? (Note the Purell hand sanitizer dispenser to my right, like they're real...well, udders. I did, however, dutifully use it). So, where exactly am I performing this (possibly inappropriate) act? Well, the York Agricultural and Industrial Museum.

Michael and I visited my folks this past weekend back in York, which is in south-central Pennsylvania, close to the Maryland line (I grew up 40 minutes from Gettysburg, and less than an hour from Baltimore...I say less than an hour because I used to speed down to Towson in record time for about two months in the summer of 2005, for reasons I now happily consider 'water under the bridge'). We had a wonderful time with my folks this weekend, visiting the Historical Society Museum, the Bonham House, and the Ag & Industry Museum, which--even though I was a high school docent at the Gates House and Plough Tavern back in the early 1990s--has changed so much I barely recogize it. I can still recite the beginning of my own tour spiel, though: "In 1741, when Thomas Cookson founded the town of York, Martin Eichelberger bought the plot of land on which he built the Plough Tavern...."

I could go on. I won't.

However, I do want to give a shout out to the ever awesome Left Bank Restaurant, where Mom and Dad treated us to dinner. Their food is amazing. The restaurant has been around for years now, and it never disappoints. I actually got there before my folks did back in my 'dating days' in the three years following my move back from D.C. in 2002. Still, the food and atmosphere has gotten even better than I ever remember it being.

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