Monday, June 6, 2011

So you're thinking...

What the heck have you been doing, girl? No posts for days and then these little piddling things...

Well, I've been spending some additional time over here. I've also been working around our homestead a whole lot. There's gardening work to do every evening. You can also see the bee-related work we've been doing at the blog connected to the words 'over here' in the first sentence of this paragraph. And of course, I've been cooking. I cook a lot, and that also means I do a lot of dishes. Time at the sink is time away from the 'puter, you know?

Anyway, I do have some very good news on the writing front. My story, "The Balance of Power" has just been accepted into a Silverthought anthology, edited by Becci Noblit Goodall. Silverthought is an independent press specializing in speculative fiction, of which I seem to be writing more and more. But then again, doesn't the world seem to be getting increasingly surreal? What seems sci-fi-worthy is, lately, becoming increasingly believable.

There are other things in the works, and I'll keep you updated as things develop!

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