Friday, July 20, 2012

Art jewelry for sale at Sunrise Soap!

It's been a busy week in the studio as I get new items ready to send out to Sunrise Soap Company, located in York, Pennsylvania, near Central Market. I'd written a blog post about Sunrise last December (you can read it by clicking here), when Michael and I first discovered it. We returned at Easter. It's an amazing little place and actually not so little: it takes up the first floor of one of the neat row homes along Beaver Street. It's filled with handmade soap, scrubs, art, glasswork, earrings, and other amazing finds. Chris Clarke, the owner, also has a kitchen in which she makes soap and conducts soap-making classes. My art jewelry is now for sale there! There are currently two art pins at Sunrise and more pieces are on the way. Just below is a picture of the items headed to Sunrise today, with a few close-up pics.

Eight new items, packaged and ready to go!

"Cat in the Moon" earrings

"Clyde, the Raining Cloud" art pin

"Coffee, Lovely Coffee" earrings
"Ye Olde Outhouse" earrings

"Sweetie Pie" earrings

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