Friday, December 28, 2012

Men with Edwardian Mustaches....

Finally completed the drawings for the page where Beverly dreams about men with fine Edwardian mustaches! While I may make some additional amendments to it (I'm a little sketchy about the mustachioed man on the lower right...he needs more shading and modeling, I think...*pursing lips and thinking* Yeah, we'll work on that....), and I will definitely replace my handwritten block lettering with a Blambot comic font, this is pretty close to being complete. More to come, more to come!  
"Men with Edwardian Mustaches" from The Color of Silence is Radium Green graphic novel (in progress)

What's spinning in the studio now?


  1. ...lunas
    de miel
    con luz
    y mi piel
    del contraluz
    a Navidad
    con paz
    y felicidad
    SAVANNAH para tí...

    desde mis Blogs Horas Rotas y Aula de Paz
    venturoso AÑO 2013.


    1. Thank you so much, Jose! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, with peace and joy. I will definitely start following your blog also! :-) Savannah