Sunday, January 20, 2013

'The Girl Knows These Corridors' and 'So Much Like Love'.....

Last week, I began cutting up a fairly large etching-aquatint I completed back in 1999, when I was in graduate school and, for the sake of my sanity, took a printmaking class at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. On their own, the etching-aquatints I completed were pretty unimpressive--more like an abstract jumble that never coalesced into real works I felt comfortable with.
My Dad has been giving me things that were stashed in the studio in the Pittsburgh apartment, and thanks to his diligent cleaning and discoveries, I have many boxes of goodies I can work with now. I brought the folder of etchings back to my studio here, cut them into smaller pieces, and have been working into them with a variety of materials, like oil pastels, embroidery thread, and watercolor (I'm excitedly awaiting the gouache set I ordered on should arrive from Israel soon). I also attached the drawing of the doe I made for our 2012 Christmas card to one of the works. Here are more productions from this week....

"The Girl Knows These Corridors" (2013) - cropped etching collaged with a black
ballpoint ink drawing, embroidered with yellow cotton thread, and
augmented with white watercolor and oil pastel. Now in my shop!
At the side and bottom of "The Girl Knows These Corridors" is a text excerpt from my autobiographical flash fiction work, "Italy, 1990". You can read the entire work here:

The hand-written text that appears at the bottom and side is:
"The girl, now a woman, knows those corridors. She didn't then, but she's walked them since she knew each of those men, although she's several—no, many—years behind them. She can't even see their backs from where she is. Yet, she knows..." (the rest of the story paragraph is: "the wallpaper of the hallways, its texture against her fingertips.")


On Thursday night, I completed this work (while watching a pretty riveting episode of DCI Banks involving art forgeries and duped museums--fun!). It is a segment of the same etching as the work above and those featured in previous posts.
"So Much Like Love" (2013)  - cropped etching, embroidered with magenta cotton thread, and augmented with white watercolor and oil pastel.
At the side of the work are words from my written work, "Charlotte's Nexus", a story about a little Polish girl who, as a ghost, haunts the doctor who has caused her death. You can read an excerpt from the longer story here:

The hand-written text that appears at the side reads:
"It was, some of her older facets told her, so much like love. Rushing away from the source, nearly drowning, coming back again…and again…and again….until the drowning could be mastered, managed, sustained."

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