Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tying Off The Loom -- Next Week I Weave

I mentioned in my April 9th posting that I'm taking a weaving class at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. I've been making steady progress on getting the warp wound on the board, the reeds threaded and in the loom. These past two classes, I've been threading the heddle, "combing out" the strands,  getting the appropriate tension on the yarn, and tying off the ends. Next week, I should be able to start filling my shuttle and putting in weft. Very excited to get to this part! In the meantime, some pictures.... 
The back of the loom--the yarn is under tension

The front of the loom, where I'll sit to weave. I
tied off all the ends before I left class today. Next Tuesday,
I'll begin adding weft. I plan to start with lime green,
move to my yellow-orange, and then to the purple-pink
(the weft yarn colors are visible by clicking here)

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