Saturday, January 25, 2014

First batch of pictures from Gallery Crawl at Future Tenant!

Part of the first table, with information about me and
Hannah Höch, the inspiration for "Make Your Own Radium
Girl" activity!

Michael snapped a picture of me at the activity table before the gallery

My Mom makes her own radium girl here!

Caught the awesome producer JakeisRain in action as
he mixes music.

The excellent C Street Brass performed live in conjunction
with JakeisRain (you can see him ducking down to adjust
an amplifier.

Folks working at the Radium Girl table...and a great crowd for the music!

Folks, working on radium girl collages, filled
all the tables.

The man with the baseball cap (center) also made a radium girl, and later
asked me to "pull his finger," when a sequin stuck on it. :-)

Michael, looking very handsome, at Gallery Crawl
The Radium Girl installation by night!

Stay tuned for images of visitors' Radium Girl collages! They'll come in the next post!

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