Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Radium Girls Exhibition at Future Tenant Gallery, Pittsburgh!

Hooray!! You've seen me talking about it for months as I completed pieces for the show. Now, the "Radium Girls" window installation is now on view at the awesome Future Tenant Gallery! It will be on display from January 14th through January 25th at Future Tenant, 819 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On January 24th, it will be part of Gallery Crawl, and I'll be doing a Make Your Own Radium Girl collage demonstration, using the works of German Dada artist Hannah Höch as a guide.

Below are some pictures I took of the installation process. Thankfully, Michael was able to come with me. He made the armature on which the pictures hang. I couldn't have done it without him!
Just arrived and moved the table into the space.

Unpacking all our goodies....

Taking the bubble wrap off the ladies here....

Newspaper clippings and graphic novel text are up! Time to set the table....

Masks are up, radium-colored cloth distributed, green rope light stretched, teeth scattered across cloth, and
explanatory text is in front. Michael is putting together the armature. Hey, nice shadow, Savannah.

The Radium Girls banner is up, and Michael is putting the numbered drawings on
the armature with wire ties.

Another in-progress shot....some of the masks look a little distorted here for some reason.

Before we added the black curtain in the back.....the graphic novel pages are in the front
window now, too.

From the side.....

With the black curtain! All done!

And a 3/4 shot of the window.


  1. WOW!! Even better than I anticipated. Love the masks. They are stylized in keeping with the graphic novel concept but realistic enough to engage the viewer in the plight of these individuals.

    Rosell and Mebride will be proud!!