Saturday, February 22, 2014

Character Pillows, My Supervisors, Cartoon Picayune Page, and Somethin' New.....

For my fall exhibition at York Arts, I am making Women in Water character pillows.
Below, is "Freckled Mrs. Goldsmith," and above, "Loretta and Pies in the Sky," is
based on a drawing that will appear in the next issue of The Boiler Journal.

My supervisors this morning are asleep at the usual.... :-)

So I am laying out & inking up draft pages for my Blair Mountain graphic story, which
I am creating for The Cartoon Picayune.

I'm making a foray into something entirely new.....also part of the Women in Water theme, but
this time, in full color. This work is in progress right now. I'll follow up with new pics when it's all done.

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