Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pillows, Fabric, New Drawing, & Charity Raffle Images...

Been working on pillows for the October exhibition at York Arts.
The fabric on the front is from my "Loretta and Pies in the Sky"
drawing from the Women in Water series.

The back of the pillow....using some pretty fabric from my late
Aunt Anne's fabric stash.

I've designed some new fabric at Spoonflower, using more drawings from
my Women in Water Series. Here "Freckled Mrs. Goldsmith" will
eventually be sewn into a character pillow for the October exhibition at York Arts.

Working on a new Woman in Water drawing....I'm thinking the title will be something like
"Hardtack Sally" (hardtack refers to the hard pretzel-like food men kept on them during the
Civil War)

My mixed media work, "Oracle: New Phases, New Moons" will be part of
Future Tenant Gallery's charity raffle this spring....details will follow soon!

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