Friday, May 30, 2014

New Paintings & Collages....

So, I think I have fallen for collage-making....I was never excited about it in the past, but lately, so many possibilities have opened themselves up, and I can create moods and combinations that I can't achieve with painting or drawing. Here are a few of what I've produced so far....
"She Dreamed of Willow Ware" (2014)
vintage paper and cyanotypes on paperboard

"Que La" (2014) vintage paper, original drawing, and sheet music
cover on paper.
"Weimar" (2014) vintage paper, sheet music,
and cyanotypes on paper. (an homage to
my graduate study specialization...1920s
German art).

In other news, I continue to work on paintings for the Animal Rescue benefit exhibition that I'll have in York (details to follow very soon because I will need to produce post cards and press releases). Here's a glimpse of one of the paintings as it is in progress (it should look familiar, as I posted the underpainting steps before .... and even before-before, as it progressed).

"The Pirate's Lover" (in progress) and on the easel.

The pirate....more on him soon. I just have the
most basic underpainting started here.

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