Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So many things goin' on!

My 5-minute collage, with found materials, for The Sketchbook Project!
Over the past few weeks, I have been super busy. This week, I have several looming deadlines for ongoing projects, and I'm getting works ready for my benefit exhibition at York Arts' City Gallery. Why do I call it a 'benefit exhibition'? Because fifty percent of every sale will go directly to Animal Rescue in New Freedom, Pennsylvania.

The other things I've been busy with are: 1) the Blair Mountain Comic, which I am finishing up (pics to come, pics to come!) for Cartoon Picayune and 2) the 'zine for Light Grey Art Lab's exhibition. I need to get all of the pages finished and cleaned up in Photoshop so I can get 75 copies printed and get them on their way to Minnesota. Ein volles Program, as my German professor used to say at the beginning of each class.

I also have pictures of Michael and me suffering through the making of horseradish. The picture are pretty humorous, even though we were both crying through the whole process and had to take turns spooning the horseradish into the little glass jars. :-) Still, we had fun doing it.

Stay tuned! More to come shortly....

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