Friday, April 10, 2009

Janet Cardiff and George Bures

In the spirit of antique collecting and purchasing practical items for general self-sufficiency, while we're in south-central Pennsylvania celebrating the holiday with my parents, we'll be attending a house auction in Strasburg, about an hour from my hometown. While we dig the little Cape Cod, we're not prepared to move yet. Horse before the cart and all that. However, there is a raft of excellent garden tools, kitchen antiques, and botanical prints.

Out the window on your left, check out "Opera for a Small Room" by Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures, who likewise scour antique and second-hand stores, find treasures and build entire installations based on what they've collected. "Opera", which is both a visually and aurally stunning 20-minute loop of music and antiquated vinyl, radio, and stereo collectibles imagines the life of one man whose record collection Bures and Cardiff found in an antique shop.

Now, off to enjoy some wine and conversation. And later, lamb and herbed potatoes.

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