Monday, April 6, 2009

What's Brewing Here...

This morning, I had the pleasure of talking to Head Brewer Scott Smith at East End Brewing in Pittsburgh for an article I am working on for DRAFT Magazine that will appear in the July/August issue. The subject? "Beertown Pittsburgh"...because we are so much more than football and steelmill effluvia. In fact, there's not a soot cloud in sight! We're a tech center now, baby. And we've got some pretty excellent culture, culture, culture.

Also, happening here: So New's wonderful Managing Editor Amy Guth and Associate Editor Jessica Fritsche are gearing up for the late-May release of American Soma.

We continue to seek venues for readings, and the list of American Soma reading events is growing! We're taking the stories to six states as of Friday! Now, that folks is a nice little tour. Stay tuned, more events will appear on the site.

Okay...back to work. I'm writing my monthly Reference Short Takes review column for Library Journal.

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