Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The story "Evolution" intersects with Frontline Program

The science inspiring the story "Evolution" in American Soma was discussed at length in the April 20, 2009 presentation of Frontline.

First, from "Evolution":
"Eventually, tests revealed that water was to blame for the unusual genetic manifestations. The basic purification systems employed by the cities were not filtering out the estrogen excreted by women taking birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies. Detergents containing the compounds alkyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanols, also regularly flushed into the water systems, returned in filtered drinking water to activate the estrogen receptors in cells of both males and females. Mothers mixed formula with tap water, and children drank it in their Tang. Girl-boys were first made and later born."
~ ~ ~ ~
And now, from the Frontline program:
"In Poisoned Waters, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith examines the growing hazards to human health and the ecosystem.

'The '70s were a lot about, 'We're the good guys; we're the environmentalists; we're going to go after the polluters,' and it's not really about that anymore,' Jay Manning, director of ecology for Washington state, tells FRONTLINE. 'It's about the way we all live. And unfortunately, we are all polluters. I am; you are; all of us are.'

Through interviews with scientists, environmental activists, corporate executives and average citizens impacted by the burgeoning pollution problem, Smith reveals startling new evidence that today's growing environmental threat comes not from the giant industrial polluters of old, but from chemicals in consumers' face creams, deodorants, prescription medicines and household cleaners that find their way into sewers, storm drains and eventually into America's waterways and drinking water."

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