Monday, June 1, 2009

He borrowed my hack saw!

Hmmmm....So, in a crockpot, I usually make my own soup broth bases, provided I have a turkey frame or some bony leftover.

What have I here? Excellent question! Well, it's been in my freezer since Michael brought it home from his mother's freezer. These are butchered bones from the cow the neighbor raises for my mother-in-law in payment for the hay she allows them to harvest. In fact, I've got two bags of this frightening, frozen bloodiness. Every time I go to the basement freezer and see this mass of bones, my mind immediately races to Jeffery Daumer's chest freezer. (shudder)

Not one to waste anything, I decided that they would, too, become soup broth. Yes, well, (*cough*) I can't get the bones apart. They're frozen all in a jumble. It's not like I can take one or two out at a time. So I gotta defrost and cook the whole thing.

And thankfully, before I plopped them into the spring water in the crock pot, I realized, with fright, that they are raw! Um yes, Virginia, that blood is still ruby red. I have not crockpot cooked raw bones, and suspect it's not a good idea. So, I set it on an old baking sheet, liberally lubed, and like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, I've stuffed them into the oven. We'll see what happens. Heh. Wish me luck.

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