Friday, June 12, 2009

Pittsburgh Authors Read Tonight 8 p.m.! Collins, Lillis, Guz at Kiva Han

Okay, so it’s hard to compete with the Penguins’ Stanley Cup game tonight. Really, really hard. (Even we writers will be surreptitiously checking the score between readings.)

However, please come join us--even if just for a few minutes on your way to a TV set and a tall beer--at Kiva Han ( 420 S. Craig Street in Oakland ) for 8 p.m. readings by Kris Collins, Karen Lillis, and Savannah Schroll Guz. The event marks the official launch of Savannah's collection of short fiction, American Soma.

Tonight, Savannah will regale listeners of how The Fountain of Youth was found in the cramped and dirty bathroom of a dive bar called Larry’s. Certainly this is something every youth-conscious, Botox-shy listener will want to know.

So, come join Kristofer Collins (author of Liturgy of Streets), Karen Lillis (author of The Second Elizabeth) and me, Savannah Guz at Kiva Han and get your daily dose of local lit.

Hope to see you there!
(And Go Pens!)

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