Monday, June 22, 2009

"A Little Death" featured in Bombay Gin

"A Little Death" from Savannah's novel The Davidian Odyssey appears in the Summer 2009 issue of Naropa University's literary journal Bombay Gin, founded by Allen Ginsberg and Beat poet and writer Anne Waldman in 1974. Thanks to Matt Wise for the opportunity to be included with so many excellent writers and poets!

Other featured authors and poets include:
K. Silem Mohammad, Philip Jenks and Simone Muench, David Buuck, Savannah Schroll Guz, Joseph Cooper, Emily Carr, Theodore Worozbyt, dawn lonsinger, Eric Bogosian, Rachael Peckham, Sherman Alexie, Aase Berg translated by Johannes Göransson, Jane Bernstein, Marc Nasdor, Carol Mirakove, Brian Lennon, Adela Miencilova, Akilah Oliver, Alex Shakar, Steffi Drewes, Jefferson Navicky, Sasha Steensen, Steven Salmoni, Nguyen Quyen translated by Bruce Weigl and Nguyen Phoung, Anne Waldman (from Naropa Audio Archives)

From "A Little Death":

"[David] reached over and touched the body, pushing his fingers in where he believed the heart would be. He saw, as never before, the details of his interior world: not on any visceral level. What he saw was beyond the viscous lubricant that seemed to exist between organs, beyond his now stagnant blood, beyond his inactive and suffocating cells (for some were still working, like tiny factories, not aware of their imminent death). What he saw was also well beyond the subatomic level, beyond his darkening, decelerating energy strings. David saw the knowledge that continually flew just beyond the boundaries of contemporary science, the knowledge that would always move beyond mankind's awareness because mankind simply asked the wrong questions.

Flesh was fact in only one plane of reality. And still, this plane determined the consequences of so many others. David sat down beside his body and waited, commencing a bleak and isolated inaction that would continue for many decades."

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