Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blanc....coming attractions for a future contemplation

Many years ago, in college, I saw this movie. I remember the landfill scene, where poor protagonist Karol (holding the improvised comb-instrument above), is pulled from a trunk-style suitcase he used to sneak back into Poland without his passport. He is beaten by the airport baggage handlers, who believed the trunk was filled with saleable items. As you can probably imagine, they were somewhat disappointed to have found a man inside. The funny moment, of which there are very few at the beginning, is when Karol, his forehead bloody, lies flat against the earth and, looking out over the snowy ruin of the landfill, says, "I'm finally home." We know he means Poland, and Warsaw specifically, but here 'home'--in the context of the dump--has implications of a personal, political, and social nature. His life has been pretty unpeasant up to then. But more on this later, when I have time to expatiate (read: geek out) on the symbolism. Also, tonight (or maybe tomorrow night), I'll be watching the last of Kieslowski's Tricolor Trilogy, Red, which supposedly ties Blue and White together. I saw Blue back in...oh, 2005....maybe 2004. Can't remember exactly. It was before I moved back to Pittsburgh. I even brought the DVD with me when I came to WV. So, so, so...more on this all tomorrow. Right now...work calls.

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