Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review of SCALE appears in Pgh City Paper

In this week's edition of Pittsburgh City Paper, my review of the exhibition Scale appears. Here's an excerpt:

"Prefaced by a square of empty pint jars (referencing moonshine), "Guffey Hollow" is a loose interpretation of a noted McKees Rocks speakeasy, where Italian anarchists gathered in the years before and after McKinley's assassination. The walls are filled with newspaper facsimiles detailing violence committed against immigrants, including intimidation techniques enacted by gun-toting Klansmen. The installation is studded with other artifacts like dusty 45s, belt buckles and hooks for closing high-button shoes.

The effect is haunting. The mixture of period and contemporary music brings the installation out of the early 20th century and into the 21st, spurring visitors to consider contemporary parallels to the immigrant anarchists' plight. What similar oppositional forces do grassroots revolutionaries and independent thinkers now face?"

Check out the whole review here.
And more ruminations soon....oooo...Fight Club is on.
"Why do we know what a duvet is?" Excellent question.

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