Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the RedBubble T-Shirt arrives....

"Magical Jasper" on newly arrived RedBubble T-Shirt
    So, I'm excited about the quality of the T-Shirt bearing my drawing "Magical Jasper". The print is crisp, fairly detailed, and the decal is heavy, if slightly tacky to the touch. I don't know if sticky is good or bad. I won't wash it before I wear it, though, because I've found my "Earnestly Hemming  Away" T-shirt by artist Landis Smith (it's a caricature of Papa Hemmingway sewing the hem of something frilly) is earnestly flaking away with each wash. That I'm not very happy about, and I fear what will happen to the T-shirt above after three or four washings. Michael's hybrid Mystery Machine/Star Wars mechanized thingy seems to be doing fine after an equal number of washings as my Hemmingway T-Shirt, so hopefully the flaking action is just an anomoly. We shall see.
     The "Poppybox" noted in my previous blog post will be done and ready for photographs by tomorrow. I finished the flowers, added purple glitter acrylic to the night sky, red glitter acrylic to the interior, re-attached the lefthand door, and applied a seal coat (no, not a fuzzy one; a varnish coat to 'seal' the design). Today's task, after I finish my daily quota of book reviews for my column, is to steel wool the sealing coat and then top coat it. And then, my friends, she will be ready for a photoshoot.
    What's next, you ask? So many things. I feel a table mermaid coming on, for one. I'll explain more later....

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