Friday, January 6, 2012

In the Studio Today: Poppy Box

This year for my part of my brother-in-law Glenn's Christmas gift, I painted a shelf with bees and poppies (since he, Michael, and I are beekeepers). I made it a manly dark blue, and it eventually became a night scene with stars and a moon (although I know that bees stick around their hive at night). Anyway, I liked the effect of the red against the indigo so much that I began working on another piece for the Etsy store. Eh, voila! "Poppy Box" (Now, the box does have two doors; I just have one off temporarily. Also, it's not done just yet--this is a progress picture...the center of each flower needs to completed).

Front, "Poppy Box" (in progress, without one door)

Back, "Poppy Box" (in progress)

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