Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New shop direction, new article at American Craft

So, I eagerly await the arrival of my fabric orders. I have both 'fat quarters' (that is, 18" x 21" segments) and swatches coming. I'll share photos as soon as they arrive. I know they've shipped, so hopefully they'll be here soon.

I'm going to be taking the shop in a slightly different direction within the next month. I'll explain more once the newest items arrive, and I have pretty pictures to share. In the meantime, I've begun refurbishing things a bit, starting with a brand new banner, just below.
New shop banner! Check it out in context by clicking here.
 I've also gotten some new products together, one of which I'll provide a glimpse of below (it's much crisper in person). I should have everything ready to share by the end of June, and share I will! Promise. 
"Charles Chicken" sticker...more on
this and other good stuff shortly.
In other great news, my article on Meghan Patrice Riley and the Society for Contemporary Craft's Raphael Prize is live online at American Craft Magazine. You can read the article at American Craft's site by clicking here.

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