Thursday, May 31, 2012

Textile Designs In Kona Cotton and other exciting tales...

So much has happened over the past week that I'm not entirely sure where to begin. It's been like Christmas in our mailbox, since so many things have arrived for the shop--more than I've listed below. Let's get started with picture number one:
"Serpent Stars" Kona Cotton fabric is based on one of my watercolor and
colored pencil drawings and is now available in my shop! Hooray!

"Brunette Herringbone" Kona cotton fabric is based
on one of my portrait drawings. It is now available in
 my Etsy store.

In addition to one other fat quarter-sized (18" x 21") fabric design, I also
have several fabric scrap selections available in the store. For example,
here is "Urban Honey Bee" (left) and "Super Nature" (right) in 8" x 8"
rectangles. Great for quilting!

The "Wild Things" sticker collection, based on my drawings,
can now be found in my shop, too. It's a set of three 1-1/2" rounds.
The "Weird Folks" sticker collection will be available in about a month.

Michael and I went to Ohio Amish Country on Memorial Day. Since I grew up near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania--also known as Amish Country...and perhaps the more popularly known version of Amish Country only because it's so closely associated with Pennsylvania Dutch--I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that there were Amish in Ohio. I had always thought Lancaster, PA was the Amish epicenter, but I have long been misinformed...perhaps by our own tourist office. However, I have come to dig Ohio's Amish country, primarily because the Amish themselves are so friendly and even "bid us the time," to use one of my Father's expressions. In Lancaster, no one usually waves to you as they do in Ohio, but I imagine we're a bit of a nuisance, speeding around them in our cars, which can get scary sometimes. Anyway, near Sugarcreek, in a town called Kidron, there is a store called 'Lehman's Non-Electric'. And while their building is certainly electrified, they are a general store that sells oil lamps, garden implements, cookware, crocks, children's toys, candlemaking supplies, water filters, drying racks, toiletries, essential oils, splatterware, and a ton of other things. I've never seen an Amish family shopping there, but it's certainly stocked with all the essentials for a family living without electric. Lehman's also has some of the most beautiful imported German pottery. My camera phone shot doesn't do it justice, but the plate (above left) is handcrafted and from a German pottery. It looks almost like tooled leather, but it is, in fact, ceramic. The flowing lines and careful glazing set me back on my heels when I saw it. And when I say "set me back on my heels", it was both in amazement and also because I'm not particularly tall. I was only able to snap the picture by reaching upward and standing on my tip toes. But this organic-inspired linearity is definitely something I plan to use in a design. And speaking of organic inspiration, I started experimenting with just that in some new fabric designs, one of which is just below:
"Red Fern" (my newest fabric design)
One last image by a fabric designer from the Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I stumbled onto her shop this past weekend and am totally enamored of her handprinted linen designs. There's just a lot of uncomplicated beauty in those undulating lines:
Check out more of Giardino's beautiful handprinted designs
and great color combinations in her Etsy store.

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