Friday, March 15, 2013

Genesis of a new work....and signs and symbols

I've been steadily working on new pieces over the last few days. "Signs & Symbols" (the last image in this post) was begun as I was watching CNN introduct Pope Francis to the world. Although there is no bird in my work, it is still partially influenced by the story of that curious seagull, which landed on the Sistine Chapel chimney shortly before the white smoke came billowing out. I'm really interested in the idea of prophetic communication.

The first three images below show progress on a new work, which I started last night and continued this morning. It involves a great deal of sewing and beading, and I'm not sure what I'll call her yet. I'm thinking she might be an oracle. We'll see how she continues to develop..... 

Beading the oracle is a laborious process; often, my needle
won't travel all the way through the seed bead. Instead, the
eye gets stuck right before the bead reaches the thread and I
have to find another. Yet, I mean to approximate tesserae (or
the tiny tiles that make up mosaics), at least in the background
so, it's a necessary process.

My work space and tools.... 

"Signs and Symbols" charcoal, paper collage, watercolor, cotton embroidery
thread, and glass seed beads on paper

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