Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mitosis with Lace and other stories....

Since I sent everything from my previous series to the fantastic GalleriE CHIZ week before last, I've been steadily working on a new body of works that will expand what I feel are paper's many possibilities. Someone recently mentioned to me that, even though I am working on paper, I could be considered a fiber artist. And these new works seem to bear that out, since I've begun more than ever to incorporate seed beads and embroidery to each work. Yet, I'm still excited by the concept of collage, and a few weeks ago, when we went to a small children's science museum in Wheeling, I picked up a new packet of Sunprints, so that I can make cyanotypes for use in my work, too....

"Mitosis" (2013) charcoal, watercolor, ink, iridescent painting medium, cotton
embroidery thread, bugle beads, cotton lace.

Early this morning, after Michael left for work, I sewed some lace we had gotten at auction to the top of "Mitosis", while I watched CBS News and waited for papal smoke. I'm interested in this marriage of texture and pop of creamy white color. It's, at least to my eye, unexpected. Now, I am working on something new and will shortly be threading a needle again (which, annoyingly enough, now requires that I wear reading glasses, since I can't hit the needle eye without them).
It sparkles in the light, although the photographs just don't capture that.

My upstairs studio, where the new series is slowly accruing. On the lower right hand corner
is my Brookly Art Library Sketchbook, which is slowly filling up. I have a new double spread
completed, which I will show soon!

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