Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oracle finished, sunrise, the mess in my studio, etc....

I'm working like crazy to get new works done for an upcoming opportunity (more on this if what I hope develops does come to fruition....). My upstairs studio area is a certified mess, but it's filling up with things I'm very excited about. Remember my earlier post on the genesis of a new work? The first image below is the finished piece. I've done a good deal of bead work, using two different colors, a pearlescent mint green and a fire polished purple glass bead, to visually emulate what I imagine is both the otherworldy nature of the Oracle's experience and the influx of energy she conducts. Around her are various phases of the moon. The rest below is a pictorial....

"Oracle" (2013) watercolor, ink, seed beads, cotton
embroidery thread

The view from our bedroom window this morning....

My upstairs studio space with mixed media works in various stages of completion
 (there are skeins of lace on the lower left hand side of the table)

Another up-close picture of "Raining Histamine" (left), now with lace trim at the bottom, and
"But I Believe..." (in progress) on the right.

Another shot of the studio table...."But I Believe" (from the image above) is
close to being finished and appears in the plexiglass frame at middle right.

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