Thursday, March 1, 2012

Publications and Pictures

First, some great news: the March 1, 2012 edition of my "Reference Short Takes" is now online at Library Journal. I'm especially excited about this because my column had previously been lumped in with all the other online reference reviews. To now have it as a separate online component, printed much as it is in the magazine itself, is really nice.

This morning, I also finished an article for American Craft (slated to run in the June/July issue) about the Society for Contemporary Craft's biennial exhibition Transformation 8. For the article, I had a chance to interview Raphael Prize winning jewelry designer Meghan Patrice Riley.

Instead of a substantial post right now, I'll save that for later, since Michael and I will be seeing the Oscar-nominated animated shorts in Pittsburgh's Harris Theatre tonight. In the meantime, some pictures:

Exhibit A: Yellow Cupcakes with Rootbeer Frosting

Exhibit B: My upstairs illustration studio/home office. Drawings happen here...often.
On the window ledge is a Steve McQueen action figure. On a chest of drawers on the
other side of the room, hiding behind a potted plant, is a similarly sized GI Joe, who is
taking aim at McQueen.

Exhibit C: In the basement studio is the calla lily box.
This is the top, coated with sealer.

Exhibit D: More of the calla lily box without its drawers. Um, ha! Funny.
Apologies. I do have a childish sense of humor...frequently.

Exhibit E: 4 of the 6 calla lily box drawers, sealed with a first
coat of varnish

A new watercolor, colored pencil, and ink illustration, part of a new series.
I'm not totally excited by how it turned out, but it's part of
this autodidact's  illustration curriculum

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