Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bee Magic

Ooooo, yes. Two postings today, and to what do we owe the honor? Creativity, kids. It's all going down in the Guz basement today. The painting below should appear in the art shop tonight. (Couldn't wait to share, though.) A swanky flatbed scan is necessary before she's listed, and that requires she dry completely.

For some accompanying bee-related music, see the video below. Zee Avi is my new discovery, thanks to artist Dana Perea-Bloede's excellent music selection. Check out her beautiful blog here. Her tune selections are my new soundtrack.
(And! This just in:) Writer Chris Bowen, of Burning River, just turned me on to The National. Bloodbuzz Ohio appears just below Avi's video. The man has an amazing voice. He also looks exactly like my Pittsburgh neighbor, painter Phil Rostek. Really, no jokin'. The two could be twins. Or, well...father and son.
Savannah Schroll Guz, Rocket Bees (2011)


  1. Wow, Savannah. I just wrote a novella last fall called Honey Bee. If it ever gets picked up, I'll have to ask you to design the cover! Also, Bloodbuzz Ohio by the National is especially good!

  2. Awesome!! I just watched the video! His voice is amazing, and I swear he looks like our neighbor in Pittsburgh. I mean, nearly *identical*: the way he moves and everything is just like Phil (you can see Phil here; there's a black and white picture of him, if you keep scrolling down: http://www.philiprostek.com/rostek/bio.html ).

    And definitely! Count me in for cover art--I'd be honored!!